npm @handsontable/angular 12.4.0

latest releases: 0.0.0-next-b7cca45-20230605, 0.0.0-next-93e34dc-20230601, 0.0.0-next-ecc62fd-20230525...
14 days ago


  • Added two new Handsontable hooks, afterColumnSequenceChange and afterRowSequenceChange, which are fired after changing the order of columns or rows, respectively. #10215


  • Fixed numerous issues related to syncing Handsontable with HyperFormula. Now, formulas work properly with all the Handsontable features. #10215
  • Fixed na issue where formulas didn't recalculate after rows or columns were moved. #4668
  • Fixed an issue where Handsontable's dates didn't sync correctly with HyperFormula's dates. #10085
  • Fixed an issue where calling updateSettings() would reset HyperFormula's undo/redo actions stack. #10326
  • Fixed an issue where the Autofill, TrimRows and Formulas plugins didn't work properly together. #10200
  • Fixed an issue where the modifySourceData hook used the wrong type of indexes. #10215
  • Fixed an issue where text copied from Handsontable to Excel included wrong types of spaces. #10017
  • Fixed an issue where mousing over the same cell twice didn't trigger the beforeOnCellMouseOver and afterOnCellMouseOver hooks. #10321
  • Updated TypeScript definition files related to the CustomBorders plugin. #10360
  • Fixed an issue where moving rows manually to the bottom was difficult due the misalignment between the backlight and guideline elements. #9556

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