npm @graphql-modules/di 0.2.17

latest releases: 0.7.18-alpha-dca677f.102, 0.7.18-alpha-806a329.101, 0.7.18-alpha-4653a94.101...
5 years ago
  • DI package is now seperated;
    • Injectable and Inject are now in @graphql-modules/di instead of @graphql-modules/core
  • Do not add an extra schema definition to the final typeDefs.
  • Introduce configRequired option; if it is true, it won't be able to generate schema without a valid configuration.
  • directiveResolvers support
  • Injection for factory functions using Inject decorator-like function.
  • Middleware option to mutate schema and injector
  • Fix schema merging
  • Do not emit scalars

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