npm @graphql-modules/core 0.4.0

  • Remove circular dep support and using name in definitions are also removed
    🚀 BREAKING CHANGE! ; circular deps must be fixed in the projects which uses old version
  • Reimplement forRoot and forChild logic
  • Remove modulesMap
  • Generate more readable module names
  • Reimplement and optimize schema merge logic
  • Remove mergeModules
  • Add more unit tests
  • Implement better directiveResolvers logic
  • Make sure session is deleted from memory when WS connection is terminated
  • Custom logger definition enhancement
  • Move composeResolvers to utils
    • resolvers field is now able to take an array of resolvers.
      typescript import { GraphQLModule } from '@graphql-modules/core'; import { loadResolversFiles, loadSchemaFiles } from '@graphql-modules/sonar'; export const UserModule = new GraphQLModule({ typeDefs: loadSchemaFiles(__dirname + '/schema/'), resolvers: loadResolversFiles(__dirname + '/resolvers/'), });
      - FIX: Call middleware immediately after schema built
      - FIX: Expose ModuleSessionInfo
      - Add Default ProviderScope option; defaultProviderScope
      - Performance Improvements; initial schema construction and context builder is way faster. (80% / 90% short response time)
latest releases: 0.7.18-alpha-dca677f.102, 0.7.18-alpha-806a329.101, 0.7.18-alpha-4653a94.101...
24 months ago