npm @graphql-codegen/typescript-resolvers 1.15.0

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🚀 🚀 NEW PLUGIN: Generate JSDoc based on your GraphQL schema (, thanks @CarloPalinckx )


  • Update dependencies
  • Use @graphql-tools/... instead of @graphql-toolkit/...
  • Introduce automatic JSON schema validation and auto complete for your codegen.yml. If you are using VSCode, make sure you have this extension installed:
  • Improve error when graphql package is missing (#4096)


  • config and default message (#4070, thanks @bboure )

website / docs

  • Update the way we generate automatic documentation for plugins, it should look better now - Add links to typescript-oclif plugin (#4050, thanks @ryanwersal)
  • fix broken link (#4073, thanks @divyanshu013 )
latest releases: 2.3.2, 2.3.1, 2.3.1-alpha-143b4bc91.0...
16 months ago