npm @graphql-codegen/typescript-resolvers 1.12.0


  • If you are using relay-optimizer-plugin - note that it's not longer exists (you can keep using it) because it's behaviour has been integrated int the codegen core, as flattenGeneratedTypes flag.
  • If you are having issues with change-case (or func is not a function, pascalCase.pascalCase is not a function or similiar, make sure to install the latest change-case from NPM)

🚀 NEW PLUGIN: typescript-vue-apollo ( , thanks @iskanderbroere )


  • Updated dependencies
  • Keep Schema AST while extending - fixes issues with extending types (#3300)
  • Better validation for duplicate operations (#3328)
  • Use graphql-toolkit signature for documents and clean relay optimizer plugin (#3346)
  • Fix for hoisting issues (#3386)
  • Make all dependencies explicit for better integration with Yarn 2(#3388)
  • Move all plugins configuration to file to avoid circular imports in order to fix issues with incorrect typings path (#3404)
  • Extract operations from Gatsby syntax (


  • Fix unused imports in apollo-angular plugin (#3342)

near-operation-file preset

  • Fix isUsingTypes implementation in near-operation-file preset (#3350)


  • Fixes for directive resolvers signature (#3382)
  • Fix duplicate imports when using mappers and enumValues together (#3385)
  • Added resolver signature for isTypeOf (#3405)

Website / Docs

  • Updated typescript-resolvers documentation
  • Fixes missing config documentation for typescript and typescript-vue-apollo package.
  • Updated GatsbyJS integration docs
latest releases: 2.3.2, 2.3.1, 2.3.1-alpha-143b4bc91.0...
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