npm @graphql-codegen/typescript-resolvers 1.11.0

🚀 IMPORTANT NOTICE: 🚀 This version of the codegen drop support for Node 8. Please make sure to use it with Node 10/12/13.


  • Update dependencies
  • Fix federation (Build schema without strict validation) #3215
  • Fix camelCase import issue #3209 (make camel-case implicit dependency)
  • Add temp workaround for change-case module because change-case wasn't part of codegen and it doesn't export most of case functions like before.
  • Avoid unmet dep warnings
  • Better support for graphql-import in documents and support default import in graphql-import. #3219
  • Do not throw duplicate fragments error if they're same #3222
  • Fix handling comments
  • Avoid resolver warning while merging schemas #651 (comment) #3225 (comment)
  • Fix issues with isUsingTypes and complex selection set, causing errors when using all presets (#3243)
  • Fixed issues with schemas loading caused types to be incomplete (

near-operation-file preset

  • Fix near-operation-file (do not try to make the output path absolute if it is already absolute) #3221


  • Fix package naming issue of java plugins on Windows due to different path system


  • Add option to use rawRequest for graphql-request #3130


  • Fix HOC Typings for React Apollo #3142


  • Support generics in mappers #3224


  • Fix document-nodes documentation #3218
latest releases: 2.3.2, 2.3.1, 2.3.1-alpha-143b4bc91.0...
21 months ago