npm @graphql-codegen/typescript-resolvers 1.1.0


  • Update dependencies
  • Add --silent cli flag (#1717)

πŸš€NEW PLUGIN πŸš€ TypeScript Compatibility

A new plugin is available now typescript-compatibility (, it allow you to generate namespaces, that are same to v0.18 - and it should make it easier to migrate to v1.0 gradually.

πŸš€NEW PLUGIN πŸš€ Java

The java plugin generates Java classes for for Enums and Input types.
It works with graphql-java library.

πŸš€NEW PLUGIN πŸš€ Java Resolvers

The java-resolvers plugin creates Java interfaces for the resolvers signature.
It works with graphql-java library and it uses it's DataFetcher API.


  • Expose Maybe type (#1718)

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