npm @babel/preset-typescript 7.0.0-rc.0

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5 years ago

v7.0.0-rc.0 (2018-08-09)

EDIT: This had an issue with peerDependencies so please use rc.1.

Alright finally at the end 🙂. Shouldn't have anymore breaking changes and going to wait some time to fix bugs/regressions

Summary: @babel/polyfill will not include proposal polyfills by default and fixed a regression.

💥 Breaking Change

  • babel-polyfill
    • #8440 remove proposals polyfills from default import [skip ci]. (@hzoo)

Will add this to the upgrade guide/polyfill docs. I guess we could include a babel-upgrade for this too, not sure.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • babel-cli

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