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6 years ago

v7.0.0-beta.49 (2018-05-25)


Mostly bugfix release for a regression in decorators, and a quick fix for some new babel-node options in the last release that just didn't work right. Also one small addition to the API for official promise-returning versions of our async transform/parsing functions.

πŸš€ New Feature

  • babel-core
    • #8023 Add a promise-returning *Async version of the transform and parse fns. (@loganfsmyth)

πŸ› Bug Fix

  • babel-node
  • babel-plugin-proposal-decorators
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source, babel-preset-env, babel-preset-react
    • #8044 Expose all filenames as absolute paths, rather than relative.. (@loganfsmyth)

🏠 Internal

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