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6 years ago

v7.0.0-beta.43 (2018-04-02)

Various fixes, also lazy-load @babel/core dependencies (should make config lookup and other API methods fast for other projects to use).

👓 Spec Compliancy

  • babel-plugin-proposal-logical-assignment-operators

🚀 New Feature

  • babel-node
    • #7471 added support Node's --require and -r flags in babel-node. (@yakotika)
  • babel-generator, babylon
    • #7383 TypeScript: support mapped type modifiers syntax. (@andy-ms)
  • babel-template
    • #7583 Allow placeholders in JSXElements when parsing templates. (@Andarist)
  • babel-preset-env

🐛 Bug Fix

💅 Polish

🏠 Internal

  • babel-*
  • babel-node, babel-register
    • #7588 Have @babel/core lazy-load all dependencies and make @babel/register not explode because of that. (@loganfsmyth)
  • Other
  • babel-plugin-transform-classes, babel-preset-env
    • #7605 Disable flow on transformClass, fix preset-env errors. (@thymikee)
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-helpers, babel-node, babel-plugin-transform-for-of, babel-preset-env, babylon
    • #7602 Remove obsolete max-len eslint rule and reformat some stuff to fit. (@danez)
  • babel-plugin-transform-classes
    • #7444 Refactor inheritance in babel-plugin-transform-classes. (@thymikee)

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