npm @aws-sdk/client-polly 3.341.0

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10 days ago


Documentation Changes
  • abort-controller: update abort-controller documentation (#4762) (88744688)
  • lib-dynamodb: add release tags and re-exports to lib-dynamodb (#4759) (4e4c7f46)
New Features
  • clients: update client endpoints as of 2023-05-26 (c3b81bcf)
  • client-iot-wireless: Add Multicast Group support in Network Analyzer Configuration. (0276e598)
  • client-connect: Documentation update for a new Initiation Method value in DescribeContact API (84ca8491)
  • client-sagemaker: Added ml.p4d and ml.inf1 as supported instance type families for SageMaker Notebook Instances. (09963fb9)
Bug Fixes
  • util-retry: make standard retry tokens immutable (#4755) (d666720f)

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