npm @apollo/client 3.9.10

latest releases: 0.0.0-pr-11792-20240419093048, 3.10.0-rc.1, 0.0.0-pr-11698-20240415134929...
20 days ago

Patch Changes

  • #11738 b1a5eb8 Thanks @jerelmiller! - Fix an issue where rerendering useBackgroundQuery after the queryRef had been disposed, either via the auto dispose timeout or by unmounting useReadQuery, would cause the queryRef to be recreated potentially resulting in another network request.

  • #11738 b1a5eb8 Thanks @jerelmiller! - Allow queryRefs to be disposed of synchronously when a suspense hook unmounts. This prevents some situations where using a suspense hook with the same query/variables as the disposed queryRef accidentally used the disposed queryRef rather than creating a new instance.

  • #11670 cc5c03b Thanks @phryneas! - Bail out of executeSubSelectedArray calls if the array has 0 elements.

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