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18.0.0-next.3 (2024-04-03)


Commit Description
fix - f824911510 For FatalDiagnosticError, hide the message field without affecting the emit (#55160)


Commit Description
fix - c04ffb1fa6 use switch statements to narrow Angular switch blocks (#55168)


Commit Description
feat - 666d646575 Add event delegation library to queue up events and replay them when the application is ready (#55121)
feat - 146306a141 add support for i18n hydration (#54823)
fix - 840c375255 do not save point-in-time setTimeout and rAF references (#55124)
fix - 231e0a3528 handle ChainedInjectors in injector debug utils (#55144)
fix - a5fa279b6e prevent i18n hydration from cleaning projected nodes (#54823)
fix - f44a5e4604 support content projection and VCRs in i18n (#54823)
fix - 914e4530b0 test cleanup should not throw if Zone is not present (#55096)
fix - a99cb7ce5b zoneless scheduler should check if Zone is defined before accessing it (#55118)


Commit Description
feat - 1c736dc3b2 Unified Control State Change Events (#54579)


Commit Description
fix - a48afe0d94 avoid generating TS syntactic diagnostics for templates (#55091)


Commit Description
fix - 0c20c4075a avoid conflicts with some greek letters in control flow migration (#55113)


Commit Description
feat - 45ae7a6b60 add withI18nSupport() in developer preview (#55130)


Commit Description
feat - 87f3f27f90 Allow resolvers to return RedirectCommand (#54556)
fix - 3839cfbb18 Routed components never inherit RouterOutlet EnvironmentInjector (#54265)

Breaking Changes


  • Providers available to the routed components always
    come from the injector heirarchy of the routes and never inherit from
    the RouterOutlet. This means that providers available only to the
    component that defines the RouterOutlet will no longer be available to
    route components in any circumstances. This was already the case
    whenever routes defined providers, either through lazy loading an
    NgModule or through explicit providers on the route config.

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