npm @angular/cli 18.0.0-rc.3

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one month ago

18.0.0-rc.3 (2024-05-21)


Commit Description
fix - 41ab6c8c3 add --version option
fix - 1039f6d79 change update guide link to
fix - fa99a01ba clarify optional migration instructions during ng update
fix - f4670fcb1 eliminate prompts during ng version command
fix - a99ec6a54 keep cli package first in update package group metadata


Commit Description
fix - 86b53c585 SchematicTestRunner.runExternalSchematic fails with "The encoded data was not valid for encoding utf-8"


Commit Description
fix - 411115303 add console note about development server raw file size
fix - 4d7cd5e3e correctly wrap class expressions with static properties or blocks emitted by esbuild
fix - dff4deaeb ensure recreated files are watched
fix - d10fece2c properly rebase Sass url() values with leading interpolations
perf - 3f2963835 add persistent caching of JavaScript transformations
perf - a15eb7d1c improve rebuild time for file loader usage with prebundling

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