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18.0.0 (2024-05-22)


Commit Description
feat - b2ac5fac7 allow application migration to use new build package in projects where possible
feat - 6530aa11b replace assets with public directory
feat - 725883713 use eventCoalescing option by default (standalone bootstrap)
feat - 508d97da7 use ngZoneEventCoalescing option by default (module bootstrap)
feat - f452589e2 use TypeScript bundler module resolution for new projects
fix - 95a4d6ee5 add less dependency in application migration if needed
fix - c46aa084f add postcss dependency in application migration if needed
fix - 157329384 add spaces around eventCoalescing option
fix - 23cc337aa keep deployUrl option when migrating to application builder


Commit Description
feat - ac3019570 add ng dev alias to ng serve
feat - 4087728c3 support for Node.js v22
fix - 41ab6c8c3 add --version option
fix - df4dde95d add @angular/build package to update group list
fix - 1039f6d79 change update guide link to
fix - f4670fcb1 eliminate prompts during ng version command
fix - a99ec6a54 keep cli package first in update package group metadata
fix - dd786d495 only add --version option on default command
refactor - 03eee0545 remove ng doc command
refactor - c7b208555 remove support for Node.js versions <18.19.1 and <20.11.1


Commit Description
fix - ddd08efef resolve builder aliases from containing package


Commit Description
feat - 53c319aaa add support for the poll option in the library builder
feat - 83d1d233a enhance Sass rebasing importer for resources URL defined in variables and handling of external paths
feat - d51cb598a inject event-dispatch in SSR HTML page
feat - 0b03829bc move i18n extraction for application builder to new build system package
feat - 4ffe07aa2 move Vite-based dev-server for application builder to new build system package
feat - d1c632af9 support native async/await when app is zoneless
fix - 37fc7f0cc disable Vite prebundling when script optimizations are enabled
fix - 2acf95a94 do not generate an index.html file in the browser directory when using SSR.
fix - 8a54875cb handle wrapping of class expressions emitted by esbuild
refactor - 97973059e remove Sass legacy implementation


Commit Description
refactor - 797584583 deprecate NodePackageLinkTask


Commit Description
feat - 810d213e1 introduce new official build system package
fix - b7a0792b3 add a maximum rendering timeout for SSG
fix - 411115303 add console note about development server raw file size
fix - 921fa7cf4 add missing ansi-colors and picomatch dependencies
fix - 791cf75af check both potential build packages in Angular version check
fix - 4d7cd5e3e correctly wrap class expressions with static properties or blocks emitted by esbuild
fix - 57f448a0f decode URL pathname decoding during SSG fetch
fix - 940e382db disable Vite prebundling when script optimizations are enabled
fix - 70dbc7a6e emit error for invalid self-closing element in index HTML
fix - 44b401747 ensure input index HTML file triggers rebuilds when changed
fix - dff4deaeb ensure recreated files are watched
fix - 17931166d format sizes using decimal byte units consistently
fix - 2085365e0 only generate shallow preload links for initial files
fix - 33cd47c85 properly configure headers for media resources and HTML page
fix - d10fece2c properly rebase Sass url() values with leading interpolations
perf - 3f2963835 add persistent caching of JavaScript transformations
perf - a15eb7d1c improve rebuild time for file loader usage with prebundling

Breaking Changes


  • The ng doc command has been removed without a replacement. To perform searches, please visit
  • Node.js support for versions <18.19.1 and <20.11.1 has been removed.


  • By default, the index.html file is no longer emitted in the browser directory when using the application builder with SSR. Instead, an index.csr.html file is emitted. This change is implemented because in many cases server and cloud providers incorrectly treat the index.html file as a statically generated page. If you still require the old behavior, you can use the index option to specify the output file name.

    "architect": {
      "build": {
        "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:application",
        "options": {
          "outputPath": "dist/my-app",
          "index": {
            "input": "src/index.html",
            "output": "index.html"
  • The support for the legacy Sass build pipeline, previously accessible via NG_BUILD_LEGACY_SASS when utilizing webpack-based builders, has been removed.



  • NodePackageLinkTask in @angular-devkit/schematics. A custom task should be created instead.

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