npm @angular/cli 17.1.0-next.2

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5 months ago

17.1.0-next.2 (2023-12-13)


Commit Description
feat - 204794c4f add support for --no-browsers in karma builder
feat - f6e67df1c inline Google and Adobe fonts located in stylesheets
fix - 4b3a96542 baseHref with trailing slash causes server not to be accessible without trailing slash
fix - 72bd0ab9d allow vite to serve JavaScript and TypeScript assets
fix - 12f4433af cache loading of component resources in JIT mode
fix - d07ef2f0b ensure browser-esbuild is used in dev server with browser builder and forceEsbuild
fix - 5b8e2d5e5 ensure port 0 uses random port with Vite development server
fix - 0f253a1fc file is missing from the TypeScript compilation with JIT
fix - 2909daf61 handle updates of an npm link library from another workspace when preserveSymlinks is true
fix - bf5fbddd4 inlining of fonts results in jagged fonts for Windows users
fix - 6a44989f5 retain symlinks to output platform directories on builds
fix - 4e1f0e44d the request url "..." is outside of Vite serving allow list for all assets
fix - 7a50df5c0 update ESM loader to work with Node.js 18.19.0
perf - 125fb779f reduce TypeScript JSDoc parsing in application builder

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