npm @angular/cli 17.1.0-next.1

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5 months ago

17.1.0-next.1 (2023-12-06)


Commit Description
feat - b513d89b7 add optional migration to use application builder
fix - e2f92ab95 enable TypeScript skipLibCheck in new workspace


Commit Description
feat - 364a16b7a move browser-sync as optional dependency
fix - e3ad8c42a app-shell generation incorrect content when using the application builder
fix - 8e9b67513 check namespaced Sass variables when rebasing URLs
fix - dcc60c6ce correctly align error/warning messages when spinner is active
fix - 7ccc21007 handle watch updates on Mac OSX when using native FSEvents API
fix - 4bcee3167 improve file watching on Windows when using certain IDEs
fix - 9906ab7b4 normalize asset source locations in Vite-based development server
fix - f0c032dc5 normalize locale tags with Intl API when resolving in application builder
fix - ffa2d07c8 watch symlink when using preserveSymlinks option
perf - b10d2a7bb only enable advanced optimizations with script optimizations

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