npm @angular/cli 17.1.0

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4 months ago

17.1.0 (2024-01-17)


Commit Description
feat - b513d89b7 add optional migration to use application builder
feat - a708dccff update SSR and application builder migration schematics to work with new outputPath
fix - 4469e481f do not trigger NPM install when using ---skip-install and --ssr


Commit Description
feat - e0b274b8f add option to retain CSS special comments in global styles
feat - 204794c4f add support for --no-browsers in karma builder
feat - 4784155bd add wildcard option for allowedCommonJsDependencies
feat - 3b93df42d allow configuring loaders for custom file extensions in application builder
feat - cc246d50e allow customization of output locations
feat - 15a669c1e allowing control of index HTML initial preload generation
feat - 47a064b14 emit external sourcemaps for component styles
feat - 68dae539a initial experimental implementation of @web/test-runner builder
feat - f6e67df1c inline Google and Adobe fonts located in stylesheets
feat - 364a16b7a move browser-sync as optional dependency
feat - ccba849e4 support keyboard command shortcuts in application dev server
fix - 329d80075 alllow OPTIONS requests to be proxied when using vite
fix - 49ed9a26c emit error when using prerender and app-shell builders with application builder
fix - 6473b0160 ensure all configured assets can be served by dev server
fix - 874e576b5 filter explicit external dependencies for Vite prebundling
fix - 2a02b1320 fix normalization of the application builder extensions
fix - 9906ab7b4 normalize asset source locations in Vite-based development server
fix - ceffafe1a provide better error messages for failed file reads
fix - 6d7fdb952 show diagnostic messages after build stats
fix - 4e1f0e44d the request url "..." is outside of Vite serving allow list for all assets
fix - bd26a18e7 typo in preloadInitial option description
perf - 125fb779f reduce TypeScript JSDoc parsing in application builder

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