npm @angular/cli 17.0.8

latest releases: 18.0.0-rc.3, 18.0.0-rc.2, 17.3.7...
5 months ago

17.0.8 (2023-12-21)


Commit Description
fix - 99b026ede add missing property "buildTarget" to interface "ServeBuilderOptions"
fix - 313004311 do not generate standalone component when using ng generate module


Commit Description
fix - 6dba26a0b ng e2e and ng lint prompt requires to hit Enter twice to proceed on Windows
fix - 0b48acc4e re-add -d alias for --dry-run


Commit Description
fix - cf11cdf6c add missing tailwind @screen directive in matcher
fix - aa6c757d7 construct SSR request URL using server resolvedUrls
fix - 0662048d4 ensure empty optimized Sass stylesheets stay empty
fix - d1923a66d ensure external dependencies are used by Web Worker bundling

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