npm @angular/cli 17.0.1

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6 months ago

17.0.1 (2023-11-15)


Commit Description
fix - d9f7d439e add helper script to spawn SSR server from dist
fix - a80926cdb html indentation
fix - f7f62c9d6 remove downlevelIteration from tsconfig.json for new workspaces
fix - 7cb57317d use href property binding for links
fix - 731917cd0 use styleUrl


Commit Description
fix - 5267e6055 handle packages with no version


Commit Description
fix - 15dd71aba deleteOutputPath when using esbuild-builder
fix - fa4d8ff31 add actionable error when file replacement is missing
fix - 160a91160 add support for vendor sourcemaps when using the dev-server
fix - 5623c193e cache stylesheet load errors with application builder
fix - 1a5538e0c disable Worker wait loop for TS/NG parallel compilation in web containers
fix - 883771946 do not process ssr entry-point when running ng serve
fix - d3b549167 empty output directory instead of removing
fix - 596f7639a ensure compilation errors propagate to all bundle actions
fix - d900a5217 maintain current watch files after build errors
fix - 21549bdeb prerender default view when no routes are defined
fix - 4c251647b rewire sourcemap back to original source root

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