npm @angular/cli 17.0.0-rc.3

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6 months ago

17.0.0-rc.3 (2023-11-01)


Commit Description
fix - eb0fc7434 add missing express REQUEST and RESPONSE tokens
fix - 23c4c5e42 enable TypeScript esModuleInterop by default for ESM compliance


Commit Description
fix - 1f7156b11 add Node.js 20 as supported version
fix - 4b9a87c90 ignore peer mismatch when updating @nguniversal/builders


Commit Description
fix - 9994b2dde add a maximum rendering timeout for SSR and SSG during development
fix - f806e3498 elide setClassDebugInfo calls
fix - d392d653c ensure correct web worker URL resolution in vite dev server
fix - 391ff78cb log number of prerendered routes in console
fix - d4f37da50 only show changed output files in watch mode with esbuild
fix - 0d54f2d20 only watch used files with application builder
fix - c27ad719f remove unactionable error overlay suggestion from Vite-based dev server
fix - f7f6e97d0 skip checking CommonJS module descendants
fix - 559e89159 Windows Node.js 20 prerendering failure (#26186)
perf - c013a95e2 only rebundle browser polyfills on explicit changes
perf - 28d9ab88f only rebundle server polyfills on explicit changes
perf - 2e8e9d802 patch fetch to load assets from memory


Commit Description
fix - 056982f97 running external schematics with yarn pnp
fix - 25b86ab1d running external schematics with yarn pnp


Commit Description
fix - 486becdbb remove setClassDebugInfo calls
fix - 8899fb9e3 skip transforming empty inline styles in Webpack JIT compilations

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