npm @angular/cli 17.0.0-rc.1

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7 months ago

17.0.0-rc.1 (2023-10-25)


Commit Description
fix - 175944672 do not add unnecessary dependency on @angular/ssr during migration


Commit Description
fix - f66f9cf61 remove Node.js 16 from supported checks
fix - dbdc7b2c8 remove the need to specify --migrate-only when --name is used during ng update


Commit Description
fix - e3c5b91e8 automatically include known packages in vite prebundling
fix - 1a6aa4378 ensure css url() prefix warnings support Sass rebasing
fix - 192a2ae6b handle HTTP requests to assets during prerendering
fix - 87425a791 normalize paths when invalidating stylesheet bundler
fix - 651e3195f resolve and load sourcemaps when using vite dev server with prerendering and ssr
fix - c4c299bce silence xhr2 not ESM module warning
fix - ca4d1634f use component style load result caching information for file watching
fix - ec160fe4e warn if using partial mode with application builder
perf - 2cbec36c7 cache polyfills virtual module result
perf - e06e95f73 conditionally add Angular compiler plugin to polyfills bundling
perf - 01ab16c5d fully avoid rebuild of component stylesheets when unchanged
perf - c28475d30 reuse esbuild generated output file hashes


Commit Description
fix - 6224b0599 correctly set config URL

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