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7 months ago

17.0.0-next.8 (2023-10-11)


Commit Description
feat - c48982dc1 add buildTarget option to dev-server and extract-i18n builders
feat - 1fb0350eb add initial support for bundle budgets to esbuild builders
feat - 91019bde2 enable localize support for SSR with application builder
feat - 49f07a84d standardize application builder output structure
feat - 9e425308a support component style budgets in esbuild builders
feat - 771e036d5 support deploy URL option for browser-esbuild builder
fix - 2c33f09db avoid dev-server proxy rewrite normalization when invalid value
fix - 667f43af6 correctly resolve polyfills when baseUrl URL is not set to root
fix - 3ad028bb4 ensure localize polyfill and locale specifier are injected when not inlining
fix - 1f73bcc49 ensure Web Worker code file is replaced in esbuild builders
fix - 968ee3428 fully downlevel async/await when using vite dev-server with caching enabled
fix - 8981d8c35 improve sharing of TypeScript compilation state between various esbuild instances during rebuilds
perf - 99d9037ee only perform a server build when either prerendering, app-shell or ssr is enabled
perf - 223a82f5f use incremental bundling for component styles in esbuild builders



  • The browserTarget in the dev-server and extract-i18n builders have been deprecated in favor of buildTarget.

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