npm @angular/cli 17.0.0-next.7

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7 months ago

17.0.0-next.7 (2023-10-04)


Commit Description
feat - dc6b6eaf6 add migration to replace usages of @nguniversal/builders
fix - 03a1eaf01 account for new block syntax in starter template
fix - e516a4bdb pass ssr option to application schematics
fix - 419b5c191 remove baseUrl from tsconfig.json
fix - 0368b23f2 use @types/node v18


Commit Description
feat - fd62a9315 support i18n with service worker and app-shell with esbuild builders
feat - 5898f72a9 support namedChunks option in application builder
fix - 2d2e79921 clean up internal Angular state during rendering SSR
fix - 83020fc32 clear diagnostic cache when external templates change with esbuild builders
fix - 26456b93d do not print Angular is running in development mode. in the server console when using dev-server
fix - 0c20cc4dc re-add TestBed compileComponents in schematics to support defer block testing


Commit Description
feat - dcf3fddff add performance profiler to CommonEngine

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