npm @angular/cli 16.2.0-next.2

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10 months ago

16.2.0-next.2 (2023-07-13)


Commit Description
fix - d0f005913 add zone.js to ng version output
fix - da3c1c32a throw an error when executed in a google3-context


Commit Description
feat - e6b377436 add ssr option in application builder
feat - cb165a75d add pre-rendering (SSG) and App-shell support generation to application builder
feat - 099cec758 add support for serving SSR with dev-server when using the application builder
fix - 7defb3635 ensure that server dependencies are loaded also in ssr entrypoint
perf - 974748cdf filter postcss usage based on content in esbuild builder
perf - a0a2c7aef only load browserslist in babel preset if needed

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