npm @angular/cli 16.0.0-rc.1

latest releases: 18.0.0-rc.3, 18.0.0-rc.2, 17.3.7...
13 months ago

16.0.0-rc.1 (2023-04-19)


Commit Description
fix - bae6b2822 process keeps running when analytics are enabled
perf - 19f9d351c register CLI commands lazily


Commit Description
fix - dcf60d2be correctly filter lazy global styles in esbuild builder
fix - 342a4ea30 correctly show initial files in stat table with esbuild builder
fix - 107851ae4 display warning when preserveWhitespaces is set in the tsconfig provided to the server builder
fix - f72155bc7 fully remove third-party sourcemaps when disabled in esbuild builder
fix - 0b450578a update list of known tailwind configuration files
perf - a710a262a cache Sass in memory with esbuild watch mode

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