npm @angular/cli 16.0.0-rc.0

latest releases: 18.1.0-next.0, 18.0.2, 18.0.1...
13 months ago

16.0.0-rc.0 (2023-04-12)


Commit Description
fix - ff8a89cbf ensure all build resources are served in esbuild dev server
fix - f76a8358e ensure directories are properly ignored in esbuild builder
fix - adbf2c8a1 normalize long-form asset option output to relative path
fix - a778fe6c2 show lazy files in stat table correctly with esbuild
perf - 28c27567c asynchronously delete output path in esbuild builder
perf - b2ece91b7 enhance Sass package resolution in esbuild builder
perf - 9ea3e8e34 only import esbuild watcher when in watch mode
perf - f88ac6fdf skip Angular linker in JIT mode with esbuild

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