npm @angular/cli 16.0.0-next.6

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14 months ago

16.0.0-next.6 (2023-03-30)


Commit Description
feat - c9e84d024 remove generation of BrowserModule.withServerTransition
feat - 50b9e59a5 update app-shell schematic to support standalone applications
feat - dc5cc893d Update universal schematic to support standalone applications
fix - ba4414b2c reformat app.config.ts
fix - 202e9a50f remove compileComponents from component test schematic
fix - 85fe820b0 use same property order in standalone AppComponent


Commit Description
fix - cdfa7ca88 allow multiple polyfills with esbuild-based builder
fix - 955b493b1 support CSP on critical CSS link tags.
perf - 458400b7b avoid unnecessary iterations

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Cédric Exbrayat, Joey Perrott, Kristiyan Kostadinov and Mike Brocchi

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