npm @angular/cli 15.2.0-rc.0

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15 months ago

15.2.0-rc.0 (2023-02-15)


Commit Description
fix - 5f407337f add set SessionEngaged in GA
fix - 545c180e2 convert before option in .npmrc to Date
fix - 522463c42 replace os.version with os.release.


Commit Description
fix - 421417a36 avoid CommonJS warning for zone.js in esbuild
fix - d3f255087 correctly copy safety-worker.js contents
fix - c65b026e2 update the ECMA output warning message to be more actionable
fix - 8356240dd use babel default export helper in build optimizer
perf - 1e5286326 reduce rebuilt times when using the scripts option

Special Thanks

Alan Agius and Charles Lyding

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