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15 months ago

15.2.0-next.4 (2023-02-08)


Commit Description
fix - 88fddc050 remove bootstrapping wrapping in universal schematic


Commit Description
fix - 234f265d1 error if Angular compiler is used in a schematic
fix - 7bcb19cdd only set DebugView when NG_DEBUG is passed


Commit Description
feat - 01b3bcf89 add Less stylesheet support to experimental esbuild-based builder
feat - 8cf0d17fb support JIT compilation with esbuild
fix - bfc0faced build optimizer support for spec-compliant downlevel class properties
fix - d9c697b2b do not fail compilation when spec pattern does not match
fix - df7c7f430 fix support of Safari TP versions
fix - bf3be56db load polyfills and runtime as scripts instead of modules

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Jason Bedard, Kristiyan Kostadinov and Ricardo

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