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15.1.0-next.3 (2022-12-14)



  • The Observable based SchematicTestRunner.runSchematicAsync and SchematicTestRunner.runExternalSchematicAsync method have been deprecated in favor of the Promise based SchematicTestRunner.runSchematic and SchematicTestRunner.runExternalSchematic.


Commit Description
feat - 8d000d156 add environments generation schematic


Commit Description
feat - 216991b9d support inline component Sass styles with esbuild builder
fix - 8fd08491a display actionable error when a style does not exist in Karma builder
fix - 97373016c downlevel class private methods when targeting Safari <=v15
fix - 27b22b02d include sources in generated
fix - 310144d32 only set ngDevMode when script optimizations are enabled
fix - 20376649c transform async generator class methods for Zone.js support
fix - afe9feaa4 update locale setting snippet to use globalThis.


Commit Description
feat - 207358afb add runSchematic and runExternalSchematic methods

Special Thanks

Alan Agius and Charles Lyding

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