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17 months ago

15.1.0-next.2 (2022-12-08)


Commit Description
feat - 5b18ce154 add guardType as an alias of implements in guard schematic
fix - 49b313f27 add missing import for functional interceptor spec
fix - 2f92fe7e5 add missing semicolon in functional guard/resolver/interceptor


Commit Description
fix - 97716969c default preserve symlinks to Node.js value for esbuild
fix - cf2f30afc downlevel class fields with Safari <= v15 for esbuild
fix - 25eaaa24b downlevel class properties when targeting Safari <=v15
fix - 7a063238b explicitly send options to JS transformer workers
fix - ef99a68b4 prevent optimization adding unsupported ECMASCript features

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Cédric Exbrayat, Dominic Elm, Doug Parker and Paul Gschwendtner

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