npm @angular/cli 15.0.0-rc.3

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18 months ago

15.0.0-rc.3 (2022-11-09)


Commit Description
fix - 24770f4e7 default to failure if no builder result is provided


Commit Description
fix - 001445982 account for package.json exports with Sass in esbuild builder
fix - 4cb27b803 avoid attempted resolve of external CSS URLs with esbuild builder
fix - f143171fd only add @angular/platform-server/init when package is installed.
fix - 7dd122ad5 rebase Sass url() values when using esbuild-based builder
fix - 0d62157a3 update sourcemaps when rebasing Sass url() functions in esbuild builder
fix - b059fc735 warn when components styles sourcemaps are not generated when styles optimization is enabled

Special Thanks

Alan Agius and Charles Lyding

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