npm @angular/cli 15.0.0-rc.2

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19 months ago

15.0.0-rc.2 (2022-11-02)


Commit Description
fix - c33cc0a7a guard schematics should include all guards (CanMatch)


Commit Description
fix - 35e5f4278 exclude @angular/localize@<10.0.0 from ng add pa… (#24152)


Commit Description
fix - 192e0e6d7 correct escaping of target warning text in esbuild builder
fix - 8b84c18ed provide workaround for V8 object spread performance defect
fix - fb4ead2ce wait during file watching to improve multi-save rebuilds for esbuild builder
perf - 9d83fb91b use Sass worker pool for Sass support in esbuild builder

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Andrew Scott and Charles Lyding

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