npm @angular/cli 15.0.0-rc.1

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19 months ago

15.0.0-rc.1 (2022-10-26)


Commit Description
fix - 4e69e8050 add @angular/localize as type when localize package is installed
fix - 316a50d75 remove TypeScript target from universal schematic


Commit Description
fix - 83524f625 allow ng add to find prerelease versions when CLI is prerelease
fix - 948cc4da5 disable version check during auto completion
fix - 1a584364e exclude @angular/material@7.x from ng add package discovery
fix - 952fe7fbc skip node.js compatibility checks when running completion


Commit Description
fix - 0ee7625d6 ignore cache path when watching with esbuild builder
fix - 84f1f638a issue dev-server support warning when using esbuild builder
perf - 919fe2148 avoid extra TypeScript emits with esbuild rebuilds
perf - 92145c4a7 avoid template diagnostics for declaration files in esbuild builder

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding and Günhan Gülsoy

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