npm @angular/cli 15.0.0-next.6

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19 months ago

15.0.0-next.6 (2022-10-14)


Commit Description
fix - 3dea1fa71 add unique user id as user parameter in GA
fix - af07aa340 add workspace information as part of analytics collection
fix - 22955f245 do not collect analytics when running in non TTY mode


Commit Description
fix - 3ff391738 account for package.json exports fields with CSS import statements
fix - 6280741ce add @angular/platform-server as an optional peer dependency
fix - 3a1970b76 only import karma when running karma builder
fix - 2105964af resolve transitive dependencies in Sass when using Yarn PNP
perf - 45a94228f use Uint8Arrays for incremental caching with esbuild-based builder


Commit Description
fix - de467f46d update logger forEach promiseCtor type


Commit Description
fix - 1c1f985b9 support inline style sourcemaps when using css-loader for component styles

Special Thanks

Alan Agius and Charles Lyding

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