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19 months ago

15.0.0-next.5 (2022-10-12)

Breaking Changes


  • The Angular CLI no longer supports 16.10.x, 16.11.x and 16.12.x. Current supported versions of Node.js are 14.20.x, 16.13.x and 18.10.x.

  • analyticsSharing option in the global angular configuration has been
    removed without replacement. This option was used to configure the Angular CLI to access to your own users' CLI usage data.

    If this option is used, it can be removed using ng config --global cli.analyticsSharing undefined.

  • analytics APIs have been removed without replacement from @angular-devkit/core and @angular-devkit/architect.


  • TypeScript versions older than 4.8.2 are no longer supported.


  • TypeScript versions older than 4.8.2 are no longer supported.


Commit Description
feat - d8bff4f1e Added --project-root option to the library schematics
feat - f2a0682dc generate new projects using TypeScript 4.8.2
feat - b06421d15 mark projectRoot as non hidden option in application schematic


Commit Description
feat - 4827d1b23 add support for Node.js version 18
fix - 4fa5b526e handle missing which binary in path
fix - 320241010 skip downloading temp CLI when running ng update without package names

Commit Description
refactor - 639a3071c migrate analytics collector to use GA4
refactor - c969152de remove analytics API from core and architect


Commit Description
feat - a95d130ef auto include @angular/localize/init when found in types
feat - 979bce45e auto include @angular/platform-server/init during server builds
feat - fd4175357 drop support for TypeScript 4.6 and 4.7
fix - 4fcb0a82b correctly resolve Sass partial files in node packages
fix - e34bfe5eb ignore specs in node_modules when finding specs
fix - 484cda5f9 isolate zone.js usage when rendering server bundles
fix - 6c3f281d9 show warning when using TypeScript target older then ES2022 in esbuild builder
fix - 1518133db use relative sourcemap source paths for Sass in esbuild builder
perf - 8c915d414 avoid extra babel file reads in esbuild builder rebuilds
perf - 52db3c000 minimize Angular diagnostics incremental analysis in esbuild-based builder


Commit Description
fix - 86150d9dd project extension warning message should identify concerned project


Commit Description
feat - 43bd0abc1 drop support for TypeScript 4.6 and 4.7

Special Thanks

AgentEnder, Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Cédric Exbrayat, Dariusz Ostolski, Günhan Gülsoy and Lukas Spirig

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