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20 months ago

15.0.0-next.3 (2022-09-28)

Breaking Changes


  • The server builder bundleDependencies option has been removed. This option was used pre Ivy. Currently, using this option is unlikely to produce working server bundles.

    The externalDependencies option can be used instead to exclude specific node_module packages from the final bundle.

    • Deprecated support for tilde import has been removed. Please update the imports by removing the ~.


    @import "~font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";


    @import "font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";
    • By default the CLI will use Sass modern API, While not recommended, users can still opt to use legacy API by setting NG_BUILD_LEGACY_SASS=1.
  • require.context are no longer parsed. Webpack specific features are not supported nor guaranteed to work in the future.


Commit Description
feat - 766d4a089 add migration to remove require calls from karma builder main file
feat - 597bfea1b drop polyfills.ts file from new templates
feat - 283b564d1 remove environment files in new applications
feat - 56a1e8f9f remove test.ts file from new projects


Commit Description
fix - 23c233c29 add builders and schematic names as page titles in collected analytics


Commit Description
feat - 4ead45cab add ng-server-context when using app-shell builder
feat - c592ec584 amend polyfills option in all builders to support an array of module specifiers
feat - 05a98c029 karma builder main option is now optional
feat - 9c13fce16 remove bundleDependencies from server builder
feat - 308e3a017 switch to use Sass modern API
fix - fb5a66ae6 fix crash when Sass error occurs
refactor - f393b0928 disable requireContext parsing

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Jason Bedard and Paul Gschwendtner

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