npm @angular/cli 14.1.0-next.4

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22 months ago

14.1.0-next.4 (2022-07-06)


Commit Description
fix - 9e3152466 prevent importing RouterModule parallel to RoutingModule


Commit Description
fix - cbccfd426 during an update only use package manager force option with npm 7+
fix - dbe0dc174 improve error message for project-specific ng commands when run outside of a project
fix - 93ba050b0 show deprecated workspace config options in IDE


Commit Description
fix - 7a2460914 disable glob mounting for patterns that start with a forward slash
fix - 88701115c don't override base-href in HTML when it's not set in builder
fix - d2bbcd7b6 improve detection of CommonJS dependencies
fix - 53e9c459d support hidden component stylesheet sourcemaps with esbuild builder


Commit Description
fix - 5319428e1 do not run ngcc when node_modules does not exist

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, JoostK and Paul Gschwendtner

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