npm @angular/cli 14.1.0

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22 months ago

14.1.0 (2022-07-20)


Commit Description
feat - 707911d42 support controlling addDependency utility rule install behavior
fix - a8fe4fcc3 Allow skipping existing dependencies in E2E schematic
fix - b8bf3b480 only issue a warning for addDependency existing specifier


Commit Description
fix - 3884b8652 add esbuild browser builder to workspace schema


Commit Description
feat - a7709b718 add externalDependencies to the esbuild browser builder
feat - 248860ad6 add Sass file support to experimental esbuild-based builder
feat - b06ae5514 add service worker support to experimental esbuild builder
feat - b5f6d862b Identify third-party sources in sourcemaps
fix - b3a14d056 allow third-party sourcemaps to be ignored in esbuild builder
fix - 53dd929e5 ensure esbuild builder sourcemap sources are relative to workspace


Commit Description
feat - 526cdb263 allow chain rule to accept iterables of rules


Commit Description
feat - cfe93fbc8 add support for yarn create and npm init

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Derek Cormier, Doug Parker, Jason Bedard, Joey Perrott, Paul Gschwendtner, Victor Porof and renovate[bot]

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