npm @angular/cli 14.0.4

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23 months ago

14.0.4 (2022-06-29)


Commit Description
fix - c58c66c0d use sourceRoot instead of src in universal schematic


Commit Description
fix - fc72c625b correctly handle --collection option in ng new
fix - f5badf221 improve global schema validation
fix - ed302ea4c remove color from help epilogue


Commit Description
fix - 88acec1fd complete builders on the next event loop iteration


Commit Description
fix - 694b73dfa exit dev-server when CTRL+C is pressed
fix - 6d4782199 exit localized builds when CTRL+C is pressed
fix - 282baffed hide stacktraces from webpack errors
fix - c4b0abf5b set base-href in service worker manifest when using i18n and app-shell


Commit Description
fix - 33f1cc192 restore process title after NGCC is executed
fix - 6796998bf show a compilation error on invalid TypeScript version

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding and Tim Bowersox

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