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14.0.0-next.6 (2022-03-16)

Breaking Changes


  • Several changes to the ng analytics command syntax.

  • ng analytics project <setting> has been replaced with ng analytics <setting>

  • ng analytics <setting> has been replaced with ng analytics <setting> --global

  • Support for TypeScript 4.4 and 4.5 has been removed. Please update to TypeScript 4.6.


  • NG_BUILD_CACHE environment variable has been removed. cli.cache in the workspace configuration should be used instead.


Commit Description
fix - c927c038b remove @types/node from new projects


Commit Description
feat - afafa5788 add --global option to ng analytics command
feat - bb550436a add ng analytics info command
feat - 7ab22ed40 add disable/enable aliases for off/on ng analytics command
feat - 7fa3e6587 support TypeScript 4.6.2
fix - 9edeb8614 add long description to ng update
fix - a49cdfbfe don't prompt for analytics when running ng analytics
fix - 054ae02c2 favor project in cwd when running architect commands
fix - 96a0d92da remove JSON serialized description from help output
fix - ca401255f sort commands in help output


Commit Description
refactor - b8564a638 remove deprecated NG_BUILD_CACHE environment variable

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker and Joey Perrott

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