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14.0.0-next.5 (2022-03-09)

Breaking Changes


  • Support for Node.js v12 has been removed as it will become EOL on 2022-04-30. Please use Node.js v14.15 or later.

  • Several changes in the Angular CLI commands and arguments handling.

  • ng help has been removed in favour of the —-help option.

  • ng —-version has been removed in favour of ng version and ng v.

  • Deprecated camel cased arguments are no longer supported. Ex. using —-sourceMap instead of —-source-map will result in an error.

  • ng update, —-migrate-only option no longer accepts a string of migration name, instead use —-migrate-only -—name <migration-name>.

  • —-help json help has been removed.


Commit Description
feat - 4ebfe0341 drop support for Node.js 12
refactor - 2e0493130 replace command line arguments parser


Commit Description
fix - e28c71597 ignore css only chunks during naming

Special Thanks

Alan Agius

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