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14.0.0-next.13 (2022-05-04)

Breaking Changes


  • Schematics NodePackageInstallTask will not execute package scripts by default
    The NodePackageInstallTask will now use the package manager's --ignore-scripts option by default.
    The --ignore-scripts option will prevent package scripts from executing automatically during an install.
    If a schematic installs packages that need their install/postinstall scripts to be executed, the
    NodePackageInstallTask now contains an allowScripts boolean option which can be enabled to provide the
    previous behavior for that individual task. As with previous behavior, the allowScripts option will
    prevent the individual task's usage of the --ignore-scripts option but will not override the package
    manager's existing configuration.


Commit Description
feat - 3fa38b08b introduce addDependency rule to utilities
feat - b07ccfbb1 introduce a utility subpath export for Angular rules and utilities


Commit Description
feat - 4212fb8de add prompt to set up CLI autocompletion
feat - fb0622893 don't prompt to set up autocompletion for ng update and ng completion commands
feat - 022d8c7bb make ng completion set up CLI autocompletion by modifying .bashrc files
feat - 2e15df941 remember after prompting users to set up autocompletion and don't prompt again


Commit Description
feat - 0e6425fd8 disable package script execution by default in NodePackageInstallTask


Commit Description
fix - 243cb4062 remove @schematics/angular utility deep import usage

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Paul Gschwendtner and Pawel Kozlowski

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