npm @angular/cli 14.0.0-next.12

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2 years ago

14.0.0-next.12 (2022-04-27)


Commit Description
feat - 7b78b7840 add --standalone to ng generate


Commit Description
fix - 4b07aa345 change wrapping of schematic code


Commit Description
feat - 00186fb93 add initial experimental esbuild-based application browser builder
fix - 7abe212c6 correctly resolve custom service worker configuration file


Commit Description
feat - 25498ad5b re-export core string helpers from schematics package
feat - 33f9f3de8 support reading JSON content directly from a Tree
feat - 01297f450 support reading text content directly from a Tree


Commit Description
perf - 044101554 use Webpack's built-in xxhash64 support

Special Thanks

Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Paul Gschwendtner and Wagner Maciel

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