npm @angular/cli 13.2.0-next.2

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2 years ago

13.2.0-next.2 (2022-01-12)


Commit Description
fix - aadfc7915 set skipTest flag for resolvers when using ng new --skip-tests


Commit Description
fix - b7e292374 remove extra space in Unable to find compatible package during ng add


Commit Description
feat - cbe028e37 expose i18nDuplicateTranslation option of browser and server builders
fix - 6d2087b8f automatically purge stale build cache entries
fix - a5e375ca9 correctly resolve core-js/proposals/reflect-metadata
fix - 509322b62 Don't use TAILWIND_MODE=watch
fix - 9a9af2040 enable :where CSS pseudo-class
fix - 426ddb68d ensure $localize calls are replaced in watch mode
fix - 0d68ed547 localized bundle generation fails in watch mode
fix - 11f817ada use contenthash instead of chunkhash for chunks
fix - 50167a36b websocket client only injected if required

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Derek Cormier, Doug Parker, Elio Goettelmann, Joey Perrott, Jordan Pittman, Kasper Christensen, Lukas Spirig, Zoltan Lehoczky and minijus

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