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2 years ago

13.1.0-next.1 (2021-11-10)


Commit Description
fix - e9d2d98e8 migrate ng-packagr configurations in package.json
fix - 950b430c0 show warning when migrating ng-packagr JS configurations
fix - cf67f2629 updated Angular new project version to v13.0.0


Commit Description
fix - 4a5ca162c avoid redirecting @angular/core in Angular migrations
fix - b7b1325a6 favor ng-update packageGroupName in ng update output


Commit Description
fix - 47fd128a0 don't restore input of type file during HMR
fix - 3a89358d3 don't show [NG HMR] Unknown input type when restoring file type input
fix - 5990ed91c improve sourcemap fidelity during code-coverage
fix - b3e588801 suppress @charset must be the first rule in the file warning
fix - e1bac5bbb update Angular peer dependencies to v13.1 prerelease

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Joey Perrott and Paul Gschwendtner

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