npm @angular/cli 13.1.0

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2 years ago

13.1.0 (2021-12-09)


Commit Description
feat - 339bab06c generate new projects using TypeScript 4.5


Commit Description
feat - d5d9f042f add VS Code configurations when generating a new workspace
feat - f95cc8281 generate new projects using TypeScript 4.5
feat - 21809e14c loosen project name validation


Commit Description
feat - 56f802b7d ask to install angular-eslint when running ng lint in new projects
feat - ecd9fb5c7 provide more detailed error for not found builder
fix - 0b6071af3 ng doc does open browser on Windows


Commit Description
feat - bc8563760 add estimated transfer size to build output report
feat - bc17cf0cd colorize file raw sizes based on failing budgets
feat - 3c681b68d set dir attribute when using localization
feat - 6d0f99a2d support JSON comments in dev-server proxy configuration file
feat - 9300545e6 watch i18n translation files with dev server
fix - 9bacba342 differentiate components and global styles using file query instead of filename
fix - 7408511da display cleaner errors
fix - d55fc62ef fallback to use language ID to set the dir attribute
fix - 4c288b8bd lazy modules bundle budgets
fix - 562dc6a89 prefer ES2015 entrypoints when application targets ES2019 or lower
fix - ac66e400c Sass compilation in StackBlitz webcontainers
fix - e1bac5bbb update Angular peer dependencies to v13.1 prerelease
perf - 789ddfaeb disable webpack backwards compatible APIs


Commit Description
fix - 5402f99f8 add cjs and mjs to passthrough files
fix - 10d4ede2d handle promise rejection during Angular program analyzes

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Ferdinand Malcher, Joey Perrott and Ruslan Lekhman

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