npm @angular/cli 13.0.4

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2 years ago

13.0.4 (2021-12-01)


Commit Description
fix - 372e2e633 address eslint linting failures in test.ts


Commit Description
fix - ded7b5c06 exit with a non-zero error code when migration fails during ng update
fix - 250a58b48 logic which determines which temp version of the CLI is to be download during ng update


Commit Description
fix - b835389c8 correctly extract messages when using cached build (#22266)
fix - 647a5f0b1 don't watch nested node_modules when polling is enabled
fix - 4d01d4f72 transform remapped sourcemap into a plain object


Commit Description
fix - 4d918ef99 JIT mode CommonJS accessing inexistent default property

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Billy Lando, David-Emmanuel DIVERNOIS and Derek Cormier

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