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13.0.0-next.6 (2021-09-22)

Breaking Changes


  • Applications directly using the webpack-cli and not the Angular CLI to build must set the environment variable DISABLE_V8_COMPILE_CACHE=1. The @ngtools/webpack package now uses dynamic imports to provide support for the ESM @angular/compiler-cli package. The v8-compile-cache package used by the webpack-cli does not currently support dynamic import expressions and will cause builds to fail if the environment variable is not specified. Applications using the Angular CLI are not affected by this limitation.


Commit Description
fix - 0d76bf04b support WASM-based esbuild optimizer fallback


Commit Description
fix - 9efcb32e3 better handle concurrent dev-servers


Commit Description
refactor - 7d98ab3df support an ESM-only @angular/compiler-cli package

Special Thanks

Alan Agius and Charles Lyding

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